【Activent】轻生活汉堡 绿叶食品

项目品牌: 待定

项目行业: 餐饮饮料

项目日期: 2020-07-16 09:00 2020-07-16 18:00

项目地点: 美国

项目名称: 【Activent】轻生活汉堡 绿叶食品

Lightlife/Greenleaf Foods

轻生活汉堡 /绿叶食品  

Activent created an experiential sampling campaign that supported Lightlife’s key messaging and leveraged their traditional advertising. Through live engagements at music festivals and NFL tailgates, we educated and created emotional connections with consumers to encourage them to stop reaching for the same old thing and take a chance worth tasting!

Activent创建了一个体验式的营销活动,利用Lightlife的产品信息和传统广告。通过音乐节的现场活动和NFL比赛现场的移动餐车,我们与消费者的建立了 情感联系,提倡他们不要再吃同样的旧食物,而要抓住每一次值得品尝的机会!  




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