【GDX】CV Sciences的互动展台项目

项目品牌: 待定

项目行业: 餐饮饮料

项目日期: 2020-07-14 09:00 2020-07-14 18:00

项目地点: 美国

项目名称: 【GDX】CV Sciences的互动展台项目


+Plus CBD Oil – CV Sciences


The Challenge  挑战

CV Sciences wanted a show stopping booth interactive on the main convention floor of the Natural Food Products Expo.

CV Sciences希望在天然食品博览会的主会议楼层设置一个互动的展览展台。  

The Solution  解决方案

We worked together to design and create a show stopping booth to fit in the 20’ x 20’ footprint. A mix of dark wood textures were fused with rich and lush colors to create a sense of a natural environment.

The booth consisted of multiple product display areas, 7 ft. Plinko game, meeting spaces and walk in storage closet and more.

我们一起设计和创建了一个展览展位,以适应20 ' x 20 '的空间要求。混合的深色木材纹理与丰富和郁郁葱葱的颜色,创造了一种自然环境的感觉。






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